Sunday, December 9, 2012

I am back! Things have been crazy busy, yet crazy good! My purple room has been painted, I have chosen fireplace tiles. No, that was NOT in the original plan, but needed to be, those tiles are hideous! I'm still deciding o n whether to paint, paper, or put fabric on the acts of the built in bookshelves. My custom apple green velvet sofa is in, although because of the other unfinished work I can't have it delivered yet. When I finish with the fireplace I will probably have the sofa delivered and then make my final decision on the backs of those shelves. Pantone, the renowned experts on color forcasting has chosen Emerald green as THE color for 2013! I couldn't be happier, it looks fabulous with purple ;)

Monday, October 15, 2012

A change is gonna come. . .

It's been far too long since I last posted! I'll be the first to admit, I never really made the time to honor my own ideas and really dedicate myself to blogging about design. When I began blogging, my life was such a rollercoaster ride, so many ups and downs in my personal life and I thought blogging about my love of design would be a good distraction. Well, you can tell from my lack of consistent posts that clearly wasn't the case! Sooooo much has happened in my life over the past year since I last blogged. So many losses in my life, the most devastating to me was the end of my 25 year marriage. . . He broke my heart, but not my spirit. There have been a lot of deaths in my family and this ending of my marriage hurt just as much, if not worse than any one of those deaths! But like the title of this post, a change is coming! Everything happens for a reason and after all is said and done about my marriage, I truly feel grateful. . There is still some sadness of course because he was my best friend, lover, protector, and spiritual brother. The gratitude is for the lessons learned and for the ones I am still learning. I can once again smile easily and sleep comfortably. This blog is still about design, my tastes have become more bolder and daring and I'm excited to share this with you, but I also want to share my journey and experiences with you about what it's like beginning again. I am rethinking how I do just. . . About. . . Everything! Speaking of design, while deciding if I should paint my sitting room purple, I had to stop myself from wondering if my ex-husband would like it! I got a good laugh at myself, especially when I decided that he would not. . . So of course you know I DID go ahead and paint it purple! I am still working on it and can hardly wait to show before and after pics! I even ordered a custom apple green velvet sofa!!! Yes, I do feel happy, grateful, and more confident these days and its showing up in my design work for myself and others. So come with me as I begin this new chapter in my life I promise it will be fun, informative, bold, daring, and you never can tell but you might learn something along the way!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

With The Royal wedding only hours away, I couldn't help but wonder what keepsakes and mementos are out there for this Royal event. I found a few of my faves. Check them out in the slideshow to the right and comment below to tell me which are your favorites!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A great room design should awaken your senses. The room should literally draw you in. There needs to be something that beckons you to come in see, touch, feel,and yes even taste it! There are many ways to do this to a room but textiles is one of the easiest and quickest ways to do it. below is a small example of fabrics that can be added to bring life to a room. I hope you enjoy!


Textiles by dina11
Textiles, a photo by dina11 on Flickr.

Living Room by very lame
Living Room, a photo by very lame on Flickr.

In this living room, there are many textures, it is a great example of how adding texture can make or break a room.This is what makes this room with minimal color come to life.

Roving by Elaine Christian
Roving, a photo by Elaine Christian on Flickr.

For me, there is nothing like the feel of a comfortable squishy leather chair to curl up in with my favorite design magazine or book. I love everything about it from the smell to the feel of it!

A beautiful piece of antique fabric. This would make a beautiful pillow.

Samples textiles 101 by Donyale.
Samples textiles 101, a photo by Donyale. on Flickr.

Great design always includes a variety of textures. This is what helps bring character to a room.

burlap table runner

burlap table runner by Regina Moore
burlap table runner, a photo by Regina Moore on Flickr.

This simple piece of fabric can completely change the look of a room by updating an old piece of furniture.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today is a relaxing day for us all, those that are celebrating a holiday and those of us that are just enjoying a day off from work to enjoy family, friends, or to simply do nothing! Me? Well, this is my housecleaning day and believe it or not, I really enjoy it. It therapeutic for me and instead of cranking up music I crank up the design videos for some inspiration along the way! I thought you would enjoy some interior dreamscapes today as well. Enjoy and let me know which ones are your favorite dream rooms!

2010 modern kitchen designs

2010 modern living room designs

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