Wednesday, April 27, 2011

With The Royal wedding only hours away, I couldn't help but wonder what keepsakes and mementos are out there for this Royal event. I found a few of my faves. Check them out in the slideshow to the right and comment below to tell me which are your favorites!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A great room design should awaken your senses. The room should literally draw you in. There needs to be something that beckons you to come in see, touch, feel,and yes even taste it! There are many ways to do this to a room but textiles is one of the easiest and quickest ways to do it. below is a small example of fabrics that can be added to bring life to a room. I hope you enjoy!


Textiles by dina11
Textiles, a photo by dina11 on Flickr.

Living Room by very lame
Living Room, a photo by very lame on Flickr.

In this living room, there are many textures, it is a great example of how adding texture can make or break a room.This is what makes this room with minimal color come to life.

Roving by Elaine Christian
Roving, a photo by Elaine Christian on Flickr.

For me, there is nothing like the feel of a comfortable squishy leather chair to curl up in with my favorite design magazine or book. I love everything about it from the smell to the feel of it!

A beautiful piece of antique fabric. This would make a beautiful pillow.

Samples textiles 101 by Donyale.
Samples textiles 101, a photo by Donyale. on Flickr.

Great design always includes a variety of textures. This is what helps bring character to a room.

burlap table runner

burlap table runner by Regina Moore
burlap table runner, a photo by Regina Moore on Flickr.

This simple piece of fabric can completely change the look of a room by updating an old piece of furniture.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today is a relaxing day for us all, those that are celebrating a holiday and those of us that are just enjoying a day off from work to enjoy family, friends, or to simply do nothing! Me? Well, this is my housecleaning day and believe it or not, I really enjoy it. It therapeutic for me and instead of cranking up music I crank up the design videos for some inspiration along the way! I thought you would enjoy some interior dreamscapes today as well. Enjoy and let me know which ones are your favorite dream rooms!

2010 modern kitchen designs

2010 modern living room designs

Interior Design: nitzandesign

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paint by Flowers

I love flowers, as most people do. . .however, I cannot grow flowers but I don't let my lack of a green thumb deprive me of the priviledge of having beautiful flowers. I always treat myself weekly with fresh flowers from one of the local florists. . . or I will grab a bunch from one of the local grocers! These magnificant bursts of colors can provide the most inspiring color palettes, so maybe the next time you are trying to decide what color to decorate with, maybe you should grab a bouquet of flowers!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A few days back I posted on what in my opinion, is the difference between a Modern and Contemporary styled space. I received feedback asking me to show pics of the differences and I have below. I hope this helps and inspires you!

Mid Century Modern Interior - Albano Daminato

THIS is a great example to me of how to bring furniture from the past into the present(Modern). With simple styling, books, and bold accessories this room is UPdated and not dated or stuck in the past!

Modern Interiors - Rees Roberts

Here we see books again as a way to bring warmth to a room. Look at how this mix of chairs gives this room a fresh updated look and feel. The classic mid century styled table looks right at home with this more modern chaise lounge.


Great example of updating classic pieces for a more Modern look. The bold wallpaper instantly updates the classic sofa and club chairs, the styling with books always makes a space feel warm and inviting.

Modern Interiors - Kate Hume

Contemporary is generally minimal styling, clean, crisp with bold geometric shapes mixed in.

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen by Charles Dudley
Contemporary Kitchen, a photo by Charles Dudley on Flickr.

008_5045 by salmonhead
008_5045, a photo by salmonhead on Flickr.

Great example of a Contemporary styled interior

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bergere Chair by Michaels Upholstery
Bergere Chair, a photo by Michaels Upholstery on Flickr.

I love chairs! Needless to say, after reading this post. I only have chairs in my Sitting room because I love the shapes and how easy it is to just tuck a chair in a corner of a room, add a table, and a lamp and Voila! An instant reading nook. I hope you enjoy. . .

vintage chair by B&C Mamma
vintage chair, a photo by B&C Mamma on Flickr.

Chair Rethunk. by Carson Ting
Chair Rethunk., a photo by Carson Ting on Flickr.

stump chair

Stump Chair by Boggs Industries
Stump Chair, a photo by Boggs Industries on Flickr.

chair by lé cheers
chair, a photo by lé cheers on Flickr.

Yes, I even love this!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


welcome by rinidisini
welcome, a photo by rinidisini on Flickr.

These are just a few of my favorite rooms today. I just wanted to share them with you. Tomorrow I will show a few of my favorite chairs. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

What is the difference between Contemporary and Modern?

This is a question that comes up a lot and can be quite confusing. Contemporary and Modern often get used to describe the same things. I hear people say all of the time "I want Contemporary furniture" Yet when they are shown sleek, chrome, leather, or bright punches of color, they want to run and hide! What they really mean is that they want an updated look. This is exactly what "Modern" is,a "time" and not really a "style", unlike Contemporary which is certainly a style.So Contemporary is a style and Modern is a period of time. I am highlighting Kelly Hoppen the Notable British guru of design because I think she exemplifies "Modern" interiors. She has the uncanny ability to take a space, furnish it beautifully with a "nod" to the past but definitely caps it all off with a cool, fresh modern look.
50-051 vitality by GrahamBrownUSA
50-051 vitality, a photo by GrahamBrownUSA on Flickr.

This is a great example of a Modern update of classic vintage style, note the clawfoot tub with the vintage handles, and the shape of the table. . . classic styles but mixed with contemporary wallpaper, modern colors, and sleek glass this becomes new again! Kelly Hoppen is one of the best at achieving this look. I hope you enjoy and look up her work!

Kelly Hoppen's 'Home | From Concept to Reality'

If for some reason you don't know this Highly acclaimed designer, you should. Prince William has hired her to do the new "digs" for the future couple!

Vintage Flock in Black

Vintage Flock in Black by GrahamBrownUSA
Vintage Flock in Black, a photo by GrahamBrownUSA on Flickr.

One of my favorite designers, Kelly Hoppen shows how to mix vintage pieces and give them a modern twist, check out her new book below!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What type of art should I hang?

Art should be something personal to you! I see many people who try to match fabrics or colors in their room to the art that they are purchasing, of course there is nothing wrong with this. However, art can be something personal or quirky, something that may only make sense to nobody but you, and you know what? That is okay! I am all for making the art cohesive in your space, but I also enjoy seeing something that is so "OFF" in a space that it's perfect! I hope you enjoy the following examples and get some great ideas for art in your space. . .
my home by afewthingsfrommylife
my home, a photo by afewthingsfrommylife on Flickr.

Wall Art by i.chant.bean
Wall Art, a photo by i.chant.bean on Flickr.

Fashion Imitating Modern Art by kretyen
Fashion Imitating Modern Art, a photo by kretyen on Flickr.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to hang art?

I get asked these questions all of the time, "How high do I hang it?" "How many should I hang?" "Can I hang more than one piece in the same room?" I have found some great pics that will hopefully give you some great ideas and help you feel more confident about displaying your art!

Contemporary 4 by Helius Lighting Group
Contemporary 4, a photo by Helius Lighting Group on Flickr.

Upscale Interior Design by HalehDesign
Upscale Interior Design, a photo by HalehDesign on Flickr.

contemporary interior design

Modern interior design for living room in Wenham, MA by Wilson Kelsey Design

Colorful, contemporary residential interior design by Wilson Kelsey Design

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Although this is a VERY modern and contemporary room, in the following pics are good examples of how to mix the new AND the old styles!

Living Room by girard312
Living Room, a photo by girard312 on Flickr.

The bright colors and mixed patterns really modernize this room

Living Room by girard312
Living Room, a photo by girard312 on Flickr.

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