Friday, June 18, 2010

The Power of Scent

I LOVE candles! I have them in EVERY single room in my house, except my son's room, he likes diffusers! Our sense of smell is extremely sensitive and provocative. A certain smell can send you back down memory lane in an instant OR it can make you run for cover! However, the wonderful smell of a burning candle should not be underestimated,it can change your mood quickly. I have scented candles burning for me as I arrive home at the end of a very long day (thanks to my considerate daughter.)The smell welcomes me and quickly ushers me in to have a seat. We all know what a warm bath surrounded by candles will do for our bodies. Try keeping a candle and a candlelighter in your front entry and light it as you arrive and notice how that smell seems to melt your worries away just like the melted wax of your candle.

Gypsy Dance Flame
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Serenity. . .

Thursday, June 10, 2010

12 Easy Decorating Ideas You Can Do in a Day

Babies as Accessories???

I couldn't resist, I don't know if I am getting the "Grandmother" craving or what, but when I saw these little babies in these baskets, especially since I have some of these baskets on my wall! I had to share them with you. This is the BEST use of a basket accessory that I have ever seen, I hope you enjoy!

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Baby P
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girly girl
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baby in a basket

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My favorite flower of all!

I am just begining to garden. I love hydrangea's. I have planted 4 bushes so far. I think that it is such a beautiful classy flower, with it's full mop head and lush green foilage. I was introduced to this flower by one of our local artists Ms. Otis.
This time of year makes us naturally want to spend time outside, gardening is, the best exercise, my thighs still hurt(don't ask!) and there is NOTHING like cutting your own flowers and displaying them in your home. I have some amazing pics of some flowers that may "inspire" you to get out and plant your own.

One tulip on higher ground.

One tulip on higher ground.
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White & red rose
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Regards from Holland!

Regards from Holland!
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Leaves me breathless

Purple sensation

Purple sensation
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Narcis fields near Hillegom
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For those who love tulips

For those who love tulips
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Perfection does not equal flawless!

I bet you can find similar mirrors like these at any Target!

Look how a purchase on eBay can add the finishing touch! The throw was purchased for $35

Oprah does it again!

By now you know that Nate Berkus, Oprah's "go to" guy for great interior design will have his own show this summer. This is expected to be a fabulous show not just about design but on several lively topics. So yes, Oprah does it again, however, I am not talking about yet another one of her "children" getting their own show! I'm referring to her always saying what I am thinking, get out of my head, Oprah! She says repeatedly that "Your house should rise up to meet you!" This is so true, our homes speak volumes about us before we ever open our mouths. What type of conversation is your home having about you?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teak credenza in the "dining room"

Everything OLD is New again, not just in fashion. Home design is all about what works for YOU! So clean out those attics, garages, or go raid your parents' and grandparents places. They've already had them once, now it's your turn!

Inexpensive AND cool, imagine that?

A cool collection of collectibles!

Art hung and "framed" and HOT!!!!

Art hung and "framed"
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I am "stealing" this look for my own home!

Look what's hot in Canada for living rooms!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


# 1 Wild Things!!!

What I know for sure? Every home needs to take a walk on the wild side! With faux animal of course, and what a difference a rug makes in this room!

#2 Bring out the White Noise! Display that TV

#3 Sweet Dreams

Get rid of those plain Jane sheets, pull those wool blankets off those beds, Spring is in the air, and it should be on your bed!

#4 Flower Beds!

For those who love tulips
Originally uploaded by B℮n
Does it get any better than Spring tulips? I don't think so, a vase full of these will make you feel like you are in a new place, so grab a bunch!

# Sleek Faucets

Bathroom Close-Up 3D
Originally uploaded by konceptsketcher
New faucets can heat up a cold space. Think of the faucets as jewlery for your bathrooms and kitchens.

#6 Fabulous fabric

blue silk IV
Originally uploaded by D.James | Darren J. Ryan
You can never go wrong with silk and in this years hottest color, turquoise, you've got a win-win combo! Fabric is a great way to add zip to a tired room. Window panels, draped over a table, recover old pillows or just thrown over a chair fabric is fantastic!

#7 Incredible Stone!

Green Fetish
Originally uploaded by bonsaikiptb
Daring stone finishes add personality to any space! Do you see the mermaid? She is carved from soapstone and it has a very slick feel to it, pretty cool, I think!

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