Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What type of art should I hang?

Art should be something personal to you! I see many people who try to match fabrics or colors in their room to the art that they are purchasing, of course there is nothing wrong with this. However, art can be something personal or quirky, something that may only make sense to nobody but you, and you know what? That is okay! I am all for making the art cohesive in your space, but I also enjoy seeing something that is so "OFF" in a space that it's perfect! I hope you enjoy the following examples and get some great ideas for art in your space. . .
my home by afewthingsfrommylife
my home, a photo by afewthingsfrommylife on Flickr.

Wall Art by i.chant.bean
Wall Art, a photo by i.chant.bean on Flickr.

Fashion Imitating Modern Art by kretyen
Fashion Imitating Modern Art, a photo by kretyen on Flickr.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to hang art?

I get asked these questions all of the time, "How high do I hang it?" "How many should I hang?" "Can I hang more than one piece in the same room?" I have found some great pics that will hopefully give you some great ideas and help you feel more confident about displaying your art!

Contemporary 4 by Helius Lighting Group
Contemporary 4, a photo by Helius Lighting Group on Flickr.

Upscale Interior Design by HalehDesign
Upscale Interior Design, a photo by HalehDesign on Flickr.

contemporary interior design

Modern interior design for living room in Wenham, MA by Wilson Kelsey Design

Colorful, contemporary residential interior design by Wilson Kelsey Design

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Although this is a VERY modern and contemporary room, in the following pics are good examples of how to mix the new AND the old styles!

Living Room by girard312
Living Room, a photo by girard312 on Flickr.

The bright colors and mixed patterns really modernize this room

Living Room by girard312
Living Room, a photo by girard312 on Flickr.

Untitled by uydurrukcu
Untitled, a photo by uydurrukcu on Flickr.

mixing the old with the new!

Pleasant Living - Tribeca Loft

Pleasant Living - Tribeca Loft
I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! it's been forever since I have blogged. I use my Facebook pages pretty frequently but I am ready to delve into this again! So many amazing blogs out there I am looking forward to learning more and sharing it with you!

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