Friday, October 23, 2009

Okay, weird, I know, but I just saw the movie Twilight for the first time, my daughter kept bugging me to watch it! I get it now, I see what all the hype was around this movie, I get it now. However, I could not help but be completely mesmerized by the two main characters( Edward and Belle) faces, not because they're beautiful, because of the paleness of their skin! I swear I want to go paint a room chalky white, hang beautiful silvery gray velvet panels and have a midnight blue faux fur rug on the floor. Inspiration can come at the oddest times! I loved Edwards family home in this movie, that cool and funky loft with the FABULOUS Plexiglas stair railings! Did u see that huge canvas with those vivid colors on their wall? As u can see I really loved this movie for several reasons. . . just don't tell my daughter!

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