Friday, November 6, 2009

Tea cup LOVE Inspiration

Tea cup LOVE Inspiration
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Who does NOT love or want an organized home? We ALL do of course. How do we achieve this? More importantly, how do we KEEP it organized? Everyday I will post some tips that worked for me. Take anything that you can use, and throw back whatever you cannot use. This is not "One size fits all!"

TIP #1 Give yourself a deadline. Plan to throw a Happy Organized Party, or plan a garage sale and make some cash off of your junk, I mean treasures! You can set a date for either one of these or think of something to do in celebration of your New Found Orderliness! Why go through all of that hard work and not have people over to enjoy the fruits of your labor? You will need to post this date somewhere visible. You need to see it everyday as a reminder. Your planner is a good place, but you need to see this date in your face constantly. Try your bathroom mirror or fridge. During this time close your eyes and envision what your newly organized room looks like. Think about how happy you will feel every time you open the door to this room.
Tomorrow Tip#2

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