Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tip #2 for getting organized before Thanksgiving!

Tackle one room at a time. Go to the room that causes you to feel the most negative emotion. That's right, a room can evoke negative emotions! You know the one that you don't want your friends and family to see when they come and visit. The one that you make a thousand excuses why it's not what you want it to be when those friends and family accidentally see it anyway! Organizing this room will give you greatest satisfaction and inspire you to do the rest. Picture in your mind how you want to feel when you enter this room, plan where to start in that room. Start with one drawer or shelf at a time. Sort things into three piles; Give away, Throw away, and the"Can't Touch This" pile(more about that later). The Give away pile is obvious, but the deal is you must give away those objects that you absolutely do NOT love! If you don't love it, it will not evoke those positive feelings that you want to have in this room, so LOVE it or give it to someone who will! The Throw away pile is for items that are broken(beyond repair),hideous,dirty(beyond cleaning), and things that nobody would love! The third pile is for those items that you CAN'T touch for 1 week! You know those items that you "need" one day, that your spouse's sister/brother's best friend's cousin-in-law gave to you because he read this blog, got organized, and passed his junk on to you stuff! Yet you can't bear to part with it, well put it in this pile, leave it in this room for one week, but here's the deal you cannot take anything out of this pile for one week, after that you must decide if you LOVE it, if you don't give it away. Tip #3 tomorrow

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